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Mass-media: pneumonia Epidemic in in/ ch could begin from - for vaccination of soldiers

Before flash of epidemic of a pneumonia in military unit 20115 in the Voronezh region to soldiers have made inoculations. On it inform News referring to the high-ranking employee of the Main thing military - medical management.
the representative of department has told that all inoculations made to soldiers are fixed in magazine, if necessary these records can be checked up.
now without fail military men on an appeal receive one inoculation. Additional vaccination is spent under indications: if military men start to sneeze and cough and the quantity of the diseased exceeds an epidemiological threshold (1 - 4 diseased a day) start to vaccinate all from a flu - has added an edition source.
employee GVMU has noticed that in Voronezh investigation while that acknowledgement that epidemic was caused by vaccination, no will be made.
Meanwhile, according to the chairman of the Union of committees of soldier`s mothers of Russia of Valentina Melnikovoj, to recruits after the arrival in a part often mould at once four inoculations owing to what immunity decreases at many. at first they go all with temperature 37,1, and then the weakest start to be ill, pick up any infection - has informed V.Melnikova.
Meanwhile the Military investigatory committee intends to establish causes of death of ordinary Bogdana Efanova and Alexander Smirnova, serving in military unit 20115 in the city of Ostrogozhske of the Voronezh region.
according to preliminary data, recruits have died from - for progressing warmly - pulmonary insufficiency. Under the informal data, lately in military unit were ill 120 to 600 soldiers, and at 40 of them doctors diagnosed a pneumonia.