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Upon a fire at factory in Jugre criminal case

Investigatory committee is brought has filed criminal charges upon a fire at oil refining factory in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region in which result 8 persons were lost. On it informs SK the Russian Federation.
business is raised under item 217 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules on explosive objects). Under the version of the investigation, explosion in industrial to factory shop became a cause of the fire.
investigation of causes of the fire took on special control the assistant to the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Ponomaryov.
it is noticed that the message on a fire in shop on processing oil shlama, located on 885 - m of km of a highway Tyumen - Hunts - Mansijsk (Hunts - Mansijsky area) has this morning arrived.
At the moment of arrival of the first fighting calculations the hangar with chisel shlamom burnt. At 11:00 Moscow time ignition has been localised. At 13:00 Moscow time a fire definitively liquidated. The ignition total area has made 2. 3 thousand square metres.
at fire extinguishing bodies of eight workers have been found out, eight victims are delivered in district clinical hospital Hunts - Mansijska.
the Enterprise belongs to the company invest - Ojl .