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On a place of accident Silt - 18 are finished all poiskovo - salvage operations

On an accident place military - the transport plane belonging to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, in Adzharii searches of passengers have stopped. Bodies of 72 persons are found, 13 are already identified. To Batumi there has arrived laboratory 13 - go scientific research institute of the Ministry of Defence with the advanced equipment. The state commission round the clock works. It will not be deciphered yet a black box nobody will officially speak about causes of accident. Relatives have taken away 6 identified bodies to bury in time and on custom. The remained bodies which identifications are not subject, are sent for examination. According to experts, it can last long enough, till 6 months. Meanwhile, relatives of victims gather in a city. They hope to help with an identification of victims and to receive though any information on the relatives.
Remains of victims in an air crash of the plane Silt - 18 are delivered in laboratory is judicial - medical examination of a city of Rostov-on-Don. The information on victims can be received by phones of a city of Rostov-on-Don/ :8632/: 77 - 49 - 09, 78 - 40 - 22, 40 - 46 - 12, also by phone of a city of Batumi/ :10995222/: 7 - 22 - 02. As to versions, one of them - control of airplane not skilled pilot . So with all responsibility the chairman of the supervisory board of Open Company " has declared; Sakaeronavigatsija a member of the Georgian state commission on investigation of causes of accident Zurab Chankotadze. He also is assured that explosion onboard the broken plane Silt - 18 was not . Z. CHankotadze has informed that the Georgian and Russian experts - representatives of the Air Forces of Russia - have the day before seen record on the monitor in a dispatching office of the Tbilisi airport which testifies that crew Silt - 18 could not define the site at landing . As he said, Silt - 18 has already let out the chassis but instead of coming in the land from the sea, crew for not clear reason came into Batumi an opposite course. Z.Chankotadze has paid attention that onboard Silt - 18 there were 11 pilots - that is two crews, and one of crews only this year has already executed seven flights from Chkalovsk in Batumi. However the commander of the second were onboard crew received input in a system that is should carry out flight only together with the pilot - the instructor. Thus, has concluded Z. CHankotadze while it is not known who at the moment of accident operated plane during landing maneuver - the skilled pilot or the pilot for the first time making landing in the airport of Batumi who differs difficult geographical and weather conditions.
on Monday the government of the Russian Federation will publish the decision about the help to relatives of victims as a result of an air crash. Such statement after a meeting in the Kremlin with the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was made by the secretary of Security council of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov. He has underlined that in this decision all payments to the victim provided by the law will be considered.