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Supporters of Talibs have grasped a city in Pakistan

Thousand armed pakistantsev, supporters of ruling Afghani movement the Taliban took under the control the Pakistan city of Chilas located in 350 km to severo - to the east from Peshawar.
well armed insurgents have grasped the most part of offices of the city authorities, demanding from the country government to stop to support to the United States which have headed antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Pakistan, armies are directed to the city captured by disorders. On event details it is not informed.
the situation in Pakistan becomes more and more strained. If earlier in this country passed only noisy meetings in support of Talibs and against a policy of the government concerning support of the USA now demonstrations are replaced by acts of terrorism and captures of the whole cities.
we Will remind, Islamabad which is in state of emergency and still in respect of lion`s inflow of refugees from Afghanistan, already urged the North American allies to stop bombardments of the Afghani territories twice.