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The extreme form of an ulcer has amazed one more person

In the Center on control and preventive maintenance of diseases of the USA at the employee of one of post offices of staff of Nju - Jersey the preliminary diagnosis of the pulmonary form of the Siberian ulcer is confirmed.
as underline in the centre, this case is not again revealed, and entered into the list so-called suspicious . Thus, the number of the diseased the pulmonary, most dangerous form of the Siberian ulcer, in the USA has reached 8 persons. In total this virus 14 persons here have caught, from them three have died also three more are in a critical condition.
the American management continues to take measures on prevention of cases of disease by the Siberian ulcer. To all who, probably, contacted to a virus, urgently recommend to accept as a preventive measure antibiotics.
we will notice that in the United States intensive investigation of cases of disease by the Siberian ulcer proceeds. So, 68 tons of items of mail are directed to the special centre in the State of Ohio for disinfecting. Besides, are already allocated 40 million dollars for the new equipment on revealing of bacteria, and over ten thousand persons, including members of the Supreme Court of the USA, as a preventive measure accept antibiotics.
disputes of the Siberian ulcer are found out in eleven places in the American capital, including in offices of three congressmen. Experts of FBI and CIA consider that distribution of the Siberian ulcer - a handwork of extremists in the USA, instead of from - for borders.