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Execution of the leader of opposition: the USA have not managed to prevent Talibs

the Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld has confirmed that America tried to rescue the leader of antitalib opposition of Abdul Haka. When Talibs have come nearer to a place where Abdul Hak took cover, he through the supporters in Pakistan has addressed for the help to the USA, Ramsfeld has declared, acting on the American television.
however, according to the minister, this help has been given too late. Thus the head of the Pentagon has underlined that support of Haku has been rendered not military, but any other department of the American government. It is considered that it was CIA. Abdul Hak has secretly got into Afghanistan, trying to organise support in struggle against Talibs among pushtunov to which he belonged also.
however almost at once movement “ the Taliban “ has declared capture of the former military commander of forces of Northern alliance. Abdul Hak has been surrounded together with the supporters and grasped early in the morning in Azre (a province Lahore) during the massed bombardments by the American aircraft of territories adjoining to Kabul. Arrest became result two-day “ confidential efforts “ also has been carried out, in spite of the fact that, having learnt about an environment of Abdul Haka and its supporters, Americans intensified bombardments.
Hak is known as the former commander of military district of Kabul at the time of war in Afghanistan 1980 - h He also participated in battles against “ the Taliban “ in 1992 - 1996γγ., when the most part of Kabul has been destroyed and are killed about 50 thousand persons. Haka much of the former colleagues battle now in the ranks of Northern alliance. Last years he lived in the United Arab Emirates and conducted work on creation of a coalition which could take the power in Afghanistan and restore the world in this country. Soon after capture of Abdul Hak has been killed.