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Israel disengages armies, despite terror continuation

Israel has finished a withdrawal of troops from the city of Bethlehem and nearby settlement Bejt - Dzhala on the Western coast of Jordan. On the eve of premieres - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon has made the order to continue a conclusion of the Israeli safety force from this cities of Bethlehem and Bejt - Dzhala, despite terror continuation. Such decision was accepted after its meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs Shimonom Peres and Minister of Defence Binjamin Ben - Eliezerom.
the Prime minister - the minister of Israel has caused a withdrawal of troops cease-fire from Palestinians. We will remind that Israel has entered armies into six settlements PNA after murder on October, 17th the Palestinian extremists of the Israeli minister of tourism of Rehavema Zeevi. During operation of the Israeli army in firing have been killed more than 30 Palestinians.
nevertheless, terror has not stopped. Yesterday in the Israeli city of Hadera as a result of an attack of the armed Palestinians five were lost and, at least, 12 Israelis have got wounds. Hadera is all in several kilometres from border with West cost of Jordan, and recently became frequent object of attacks and acts of terrorism from Palestinians. Also the day before some Palestinians have shot the Israeli military man who in a critical condition has been taken to hospital where has soon died. Incident has occurred in territory of Israel nearby to border with PNA. Unknown persons have opened fire on the car passing by, and then have disappeared in a direction to the Palestinian territories.