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Terrorists have attacked administration Tikrita: more than 60 victims

In the Iraq city of Tikrit where the day before insurgents had been grasped a building of a city administration with hostages, were lost at least 60 persons, 98 more are wounded, transfers CNN.
As representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country have informed, the number of victims has increased, when some insurgents have blown up themselves at occurrence of military men. Among victims there were four large officials, the head of the police and the journalist.
representatives of law enforcement bodies have noticed that the governmental armies have returned a building under the control.
on March, 29th nearby 13:00 local time at an input in a building of a city city administration of Tikrit in a province of Salah - ed - Dynes the suicide bomber has put in action an explosive then the group of the armed insurgents dressed in the military form has rushed into a building. After some minutes after the first act of terrorism at an administration building has worked the second explosive put in the parked car. Having used a panic at a building, insurgents have got into it and have grasped hostages.
to beat out insurgents from an administration building it was not possible within five hours. At attempt of law enforcement officers to come nearer to a building, insurgents opened on them fire. According to Associated Press, the majority of victims in Tikrite was received on March, 29th by mortal wounds during firing at an administration building.
how many insurgents were included into group, is not established yet. Responsibility for act of terrorism while any terrorist organisation on itself did not take.
we will notice that in Tikrite located in 180 km to the north from Bagdad, the former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein was born.