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The court authorised arrest of helpers of act of terrorism in Domodedovo of brothers of Jandievyh

Lenin district court of Vladikavkaz has decided to arrest brothers of Islam and Ileza Jandievyh detained the day before in Nalchik. Men suspect of participation in fulfilment of act of terrorism in Domodedovo on January, 24th 2011., have informed in a press - court service.
we will remind, brothers of Jandievy have been detained during special action on March, 28th. In the place of residence of suspects employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have found out the equipped belt of the condemned man, and also two improvised explosive devices. the found out explosives allow to draw a conclusion that Jandievy prepared an act of terrorism - have noted in SK.
According to the investigation, brothers of Jandievy have met the executor of act of terrorism of Magomeda Evloeva in Moscow and delivered it on January, 24th 2011. In the Domodedovo airport then have disappeared in territory of Ingushetia. Explosion in Domodedovo has carried away lives of 37 persons, still nearby 200 have suffered. In the near future accusation under five articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, including " will be brought to the detained brothers; Fulfillment of an act of terrorism and Gangsterism .
Besides, during special action on March, 28th employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs liquidated 17 insurgents and snabzhentsa bandit undergrounds. The helper of criminals Aslan Tsechoev has been liquidated in settlement Top Alkun of Sunzhensky area of Ingushetia. The base of condemned men has been destroyed in Sunzhensky wood of republic. In a den of bastards as president Dmitry Medvedev named base, 17 persons took cover. Inspectors do not exclude that among killed there is also a terrorist to Dock Umarov, however the definitive data will be received by results of DNA - examinations.