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Liquidation of two insurgents in Ingushetia has allowed to prevent act of terrorism

Liquidation in Sunzhensky area of Ingushetia of two insurgents has allowed to prevent act of terrorism, have informed in National antiterrorist committee (NAK).
we Will remind, on the night of March, 30th law enforcement officers have tried to detain two insurgents around carried out special action. However gangsters have rendered armed resistance and by reciprocal fire have been destroyed.
at killed detonators for the bombs, two pistols PM, cartridges and five grenades are found out. The person of one destroyed gangster already managed to be established. Wanted Ibragim Syroev 1987 year of birth has appeared it. On a place of the killed base of insurgents proceed operatively - investigatory actions.
according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, both destroyed criminals are involved in a series of acts of terrorism: to murders of civilians and an attack on law enforcement officers.
Earlier, on March, 28th, in republic as a result of dot blow of the Air Forces and land operation the base of insurgents on which prepared suicide bombers has been killed. Law enforcement bodies had in loss: during operations two employees of FSB and one employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia were lost. According to preliminary data, 17 gangsters are destroyed.
it is not excluded that among the killed insurgents there could be a leader of a bandit underground to Dock Umarov. This very day in settlement Top Alkun of Sunzhensky area has been liquidated the active helper of gangsters Aslan Tsechoev who supplied with their foodstuff and medicines. Two participants of act of terrorism in Domodedovo are detained.