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The woman in the car has blocked entrance to the Kremlin

Unusual state of emergency has occurred on entrance to the Kremlin. As have informed in capital law enforcement bodies, the woman with two children has stopped the car near Borovitsky gate and has demanded a meeting with president Dmitry Medvedev.
about desire of the unexpected visitor policemen have learnt from a note which the woman has transferred through a window. While there is no exact data what exactly she wanted to learn from the head of the state.
meanwhile to meet the president anyway it would not be possible, as Dmitry Medvedev is now in Magnitogorsk at meeting on economy modernisation.
as a result policemen managed to persuade the woman not to wait returnings of the president, and to come on reception next time. After that it was developed and has left.
under the informal information, this woman any more for the first time tried to meet in such unusual way the president. Several months ago she ostensibly wanted to pass on Red Square, but also has not achieved the.