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To pilots have given conditional terms for plane wreck near to Domodedovo

the sentence on a sensational case about wreck of the plane THEY is pronounced be 204 - 100 airlines Aviastar - THAT in March 2010.
Today the Domodedovsky city court has pronounced a sentence concerning pilots THEY be 204 - 100. The commander of the plane Alexander Kosjakov and the second pilot Alexey Mihajlovsky are recognised by guilty of infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport that has entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health of the person (p.1 item 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The court has sentenced A.Kosjakova and A.Mihajlovsky to 1 year of imprisonment 2 years are conditional with a trial period. Besides, the court has forbidden them to operate within a year air transport.
In court it has been established that during flight within the Moscow air zone at height of 5400 metres there was an involuntary switching-off of automatic control from the computing system of flight control of the aircraft owing to what in pilotazhno - the navigating equipment there was a failure. In this connection the commander of the aircraft has disconnected the autopilot and has passed to management in a manual mode.
according to court, A.Kosjakov, without having estimated meteorological conditions at the Domodedovo airport, has made obviously unreasonable decision on decrease and landing approach at the extremely insufficient visibility.
having reached heights of 60 metres, the pilot obliged in developed weather conditions to stop decrease of the plane and to execute leaving on spare airdrome, has continued landing. As a result the plane has faced the earth and has collapsed. At the same time And. Mihajlovsky, knowing about the unreasonable decision of the commander, has not reminded it of necessity of leaving on the second circle, performance of the given technological operation has not checked. The criminal acts pilots have broken the traffic regulation and operation of air transport owing to what various physical injuries, including heavy " are caused 6 crewmen who were onboard the aircraft; - it is marked in the message of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the taken out sentence.
we will remind, They be 204, belonging to airline Aviastar - That and following without passengers flight Hurgada - Moscow, on March, 22nd 2010. Nearby 2:34 Moscow time has crash-landed in a large forest in 1,5 km from take-off - a landing strip of the airport of Domodedovo. In total onboard there were 8 crewmen, all of them have been hospitalised.