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M.Kaddafi`s army has entered in Mars - an ale - Bregu

Army Muammara Kaddafi continues successful counterattack which, on attestations of eyewitnesses, reminds a victorious march. After Races - Lanufom groups of supporters of the Libyan governor have easily seized Mars - an ale - Bregoj.
As informs Bi - bi - si, special doubts in falling of Mars - an ale - Bregi were not in the morning. Opposition groups nagolovu have been broken in fights under Races - Lanufom. All the day long from Mars - an ale - Bregi arrived messages not about preparation for defence, and about feverish attempts to collect things faster, to plunge into the car and to run away far away.
it is quite possible that soon under control of army of M.Kaddafi will pass also Adzhdabija which capture one week ago the opposition named a huge victory. Under certificates of the western journalists, in a city the full chaos reigns. Rebels over whom anybody actually does not supervise, run towards Bengasi.
Padenie Adzhdabii will allow again M. army Kaddafi to approach to capital of rebels of Bengasi which threat of storm has led to the beginning of military operation of allies.
according to experts, in the circumstances rescue opposition can or the beginning of mass deliveries of arms in Bengasi, or start of land operation of coalition forces. In both cases it will be a question of the actions roughly breaking the resolution of the UN Security Council.