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In Perm the policewoman is suspected of beating of the son

In Perm concerning the employee of Management of private security UMVD of Russia suspected of beating 8 - the summer son, action on p.1 item 116 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (causing of a beating) is brought criminal. On it have informed in a press - service of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on region.
the senior sergeant of police brings up two children, at the moment it is in holiday on care of the child before achievement of three-year age by it. When about drawing of a beating 8 - the summer boy knew in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Perm edge, business materials have been transferred in Investigatory committee.
similar incident has occurred on February, 22nd in the Volgograd region. Then 35 - the summer townswoman Kotovo who has taken on education in family group of two juvenile children, has put to one of them physical injuries. As an occasion to beating that 6 - the summer boy took a sweet without demand of the tutor has served.
As a result the child in an unconsciousness has been delivered this very day in resuscitation of Kotovsk central regional hospital with numerous physical injuries. Concerning the teacher criminal case under the item " is brought; ch. 2 items 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, made concerning juvenile).