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In Nazran have blown up the car with the employee of FSB and his wife

In Nazran as a result of explosion two persons - the employee of FSB and his wife have suffered, have informed in law enforcement bodies of Ingushetia.
incident has occurred today, on March, 30th, in the morning. In the street Mutalieva under the car of the employee of republican management of FSB of the Russian Federation which person is not specified, has worked an improvised explosive device.
during this moment the agent of national security and his wife were in the car. As a result of explosion the man has received severe wounds and has been hospitalised. His wife has got off with small damages.
upon incident check is spent.
similar incident has occurred in Nazran on March, 22nd. Then as a result of car blasting Alihan Tsechoev and its driver have suffered the director of Fund of social insurance of Ingushetia.
both victims have been hospitalised, as a result of explosion they have not received serious wounds. In Investigatory committee have not excluded that the attack on A.Tsechoeva can be connected with its office activity. Incident investigation is conducted.