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In China the terrorist who has killed 108 persons

In China today is executed the death sentence concerning the terrorist who has organised of some acts of terrorism in cities in the north of the country is carried out. As a result of the crimes made by it 108 persons were lost, at least. Earlier two more to which accusation that they delivered to the terrorist an explosive has been brought have been executed.
in the middle of March in the city of Shihchiachuang a number of explosions has thundered. Exactly in a week after acts of terrorism, on March, 23rd, the suspect declared in national search has been arrested. The terrorist was detained by policemen in the city of Bejhaj which have managed to identify it on a photo. 40 - the summer criminal has confessed at once in a criminal conduct. Moreover, he also admitted murder of the woman which has made in one of settlements on severo - the West of China.
the malefactor has organised four explosions which have thundered within one hour per industrial centre Shihchiachuang on March, 16th. As a result of explosions 108 persons were lost, have received damages two hlopkoprjadilnye the factories one of which has been destroyed almost completely, the building enterprise and the agency, rendering services in the field of a railway transportation.