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What not so in shelf the bill

In the conclusion about an estimation it is noticed that in Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources have overdone with treatment of commissions of mister Sechina: amendments they extend not only on the companies working on a shelf, but also on the others nedropolzovatelej irrespective of, at what stage there is a project. Simultaneously action of amendments, besides work on a shelf, extends on all means and technologies for the work, connected with investigation and extraction or geological studying . The initiative vitse - a premiere on creation of mechanisms of stimulation of development of the Russian industrial base in treatment of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources in Ministry of Economics conceptually support but mark: the offered amendments do its not realised. First of all, developers of amendments have not presented the analysis of economic consequences of their introduction to action and substantiations positive effects For economy that is obligatory requirement ORV. In Ministry of Economics also notice that the decision it is offered to accept for lack of the data, allowing to estimate a parity of domestic production potentialities and technological inquiries nedropolzovatelej that would allow to find out potentially demanded manufactures in the Russian Federation. Besides, in the project there is only one dim enough definition of a case in which the company can evade from obligation execution, - when vessel construction, acquisition and creation of means and technologies at the home producer is impossible . And the term the home producer it is not defined that, according to Ministry of Economics, creates risks selective pravoprimenenija. Alexey Shapovalov