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Gazprom promises to investors deficiency

On Friday Gazprom has held annual presentation for investors. In materials to it (are available on hand ), in particular, it is told that the next ten years Gazprom expects stable (at level 300-400 mlrd a cube) deficiency of gas in Europe and growth of demand for gas (first of all, szhizhennyj) in Asian - Pacific region. To satisfy a growing demand Gazprom intend, investing in the development on the average 700-900 mlrd rbl. a year, and the basic investments will be directed to development of Yamal, Shtokmana and Eastern Siberia.

investors present at a meeting have informed that, according to representatives Gazprom gas pipeline South Stream on a bottom of Black sea to Europe will be realised irrespective of, whether it will be possible to monopoly to agree with Ukraine about control over the main pipelines Naftogaza . Thus definitive parametres South Stream (in particular, quantity of its threads) are not clear till now, and expansion of the Russian gas-transport system within the limits of the project will demand additional $10 mlrd (besides cost most South Stream in 15,5 mlrd). Officially in Gazprom results of a meeting with investors did not make comments.