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If someone dreamt to become the superstar, he dreamt to become such, as Uitni Houston

Ceremony of delivery of the award the Grammy have devoted memories of Uitni Houston. Show has taken place at night on February, 13th in Hollywood. The song in honour Houston was executed by the singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. Uitni took part in show rehearsals Houston also. She has died in the number in hotel Beverly Hilton some hours prior to delivery of the most prestigious musical award of America. Details - at Alexey Loginov.
Telo Uitni Hjuston were found by employees of hotel Beverly Hilton in a bathroom. Physicians needed to verify death of the singer only. The first version which has appeared in the American press - the madam Houston has died of overdose of drugs. Last years she abused the forbidden preparations, and itself admitted it in interview Dajane Sawyer in 2002.

a devil in me. In my heart there is something such that forces me to do that I do not want to do. And still it is my decisions. Probably, I the enemy to itself. And with it I should live - she has told.

policemen have not found drugs in number, but have found out many empty packings from strong medicines and recipes on the medical preparations which have been written out by the attending physician. Evening on the eve of death Houston has spent with native and friends in the same hotel. Something unusual in behaviour of the singer nobody has noticed.

these days all American musical beau monde prepared for the next ceremony the Grammy in Beverly Hilton pass the numerous parties devoted to nominees. Uitni Houston and itself should take part in a holiday of Klajva Devisa. Even having learnt about death of the singer, the producer did not begin to cancel reception. He is assured that Houston itself would tell: show should proceed.

organizers the Grammy Have decided to devote Uitni Houston one of numbers. The singer and six times became the winner of the award. All young actors wanted to be similar to it, one of colleagues of Uitni tells Houston producer Sajmon Kouell.

Each of us will necessarily remember that moment when has learnt this news. It, undoubtedly, was one of the greatest stars of all times and the people. Its voice - the most tremendous voice of the present. Last ten years I was engaged in show of young talents, and it was imitated almost by every second executor. If someone from them dreamt to become the superstar, he dreamt to become such, as Uitni Houston - he has told.

admirers of the singer come with colours to building Beverly Hilton. In New York one of radio stations has changed a grid of an announcement and has completely devoted a broadcasting time of Uitni Houston. In social networks extend last video of the singer - its spontaneous performance in club Tru in Hollywood for two days to tragedy. Last song, which Uitni Houston has sung on public, became Yes, Jesus Loves Me.

According to all available information, Uitni Houston has fallen asleep in a bathroom and has choked. The American mass-media inform that the singer accepted a psychotropic preparation Ksanaks . It register to patients in a depression condition. Operation of the medicine could be imposed on alcohol and give strong somnolent effect.