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Yulia Timoshenko needed the foreign help

Physicians from Germany and Canada will begin inspection eks - a premiere of Ukraine. Last months the politician it is confined to bed, the back is ill it, but the Ukrainian physicians cannot put the exact diagnosis. Details - in a material of the correspondent FM Svetlanas Belovoj.
recently Yulia Timoshenko lives on the anaesthetising. It does not rise from a bed, and even judicial sessions should be spent in the chamber. Thus the doctors sent from Ukrainian Ministry of Health, repeat that the woman is healthy. The narrow expert in illnesses of a back in a colony is not present, therefore Timoshenko`s lawyer managed to achieve a call of physicians from outside - foreign experts. The defender underlines is not an exclusive for the former prime minister, this right of any concluded to call any doctor if local experts do not consult. Under the law, the chief of a colony can accept such decision, but in a case with Timoshenko the invitation of physicians should be co-ordinated with high-ranking officials of the country, the minister of health protection of Ukraine Alexander Onishchenko speaks: We know, what diagnoses are, and here this profile doctors and will be .

To Timoshenko there have arrived two doctors from Germany is a neurologist and the expert in a back and disks. From Canada there have arrived three: the ambulance surgeon - the cardiologist and good diagnostics, the expert in obstetrics and gynecology and the therapist who has experience in toxicology. They will survey the patient together with eks - the Minister of Health of Ukraine Nikolay Polishchukom. He/she is the unique domestic doctor to whom trusts Timoshenko. By Polischuk it is assured that the international command of physicians can quickly help the patient.

Those changes which are revealed in the field of a backbone, it not oncology, not an infection are diseases which are shown at the majority of people is more senior 40 years. Julia Vladimirovna suffers a back pain about three months, and treatment does not give any results. It speaks about insufficient efficiency of the methods chosen by physicians. Illness can be cured in conditions nejrohirurgicheskogo or a neurologic hospital - he has told.

the Information on doctors which will treat Timoshenko, is carefully coded. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine does not disclose their names. It is known only that German experts have arrived from the Berlin clinic Rummage is one of the most expensive medical institutions in the world, there in different years the Nobel winners worked some.

- the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko has been arrested by Eks in August of last year. Almost right after detention she has declared deterioration of state of health. Some observers in Ukraine are assured that Timoshenko feigns. So, on a video shooting from the chamber it is visible that the bed of the patient has shoes on a high platform, and one of workers of the Lukjanovsky pre-trial detention centre asserts that at eks - a premiere and at all cocaine lomka.