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Future Generation Art Prize searches for the new winner

Victor Pinchuk`s Fund has begun demands acceptance from young artists on award Future Generation Art Prize. Its winner receives $60 thousand and financial assistance at creation of new works, Dmitry Butkevich tells. On dated for opening of demands acceptance a web - conferences the word about importance of such support have told also recognised masters of the present Demien Hurst and Jeff Kuns.
the Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk in the second time hands over to the most worthy world young artist award Future Generation Art Prize. In honour of opening of demands acceptance for the award has been organised a web - conference in which have taken part Pinchuk and such world celebrities, as Demien Hurst, Jeff Kuns, the director of Fund Guggenhajma Richard Armstrong, director Tate sir Nicolas Serota and the last year`s winner - Brazilian Sintija Marselle. The winner has received $60 thousand by cash as write on an award site futuregenerationartprize. org, and $ more 40 thousand will be enclosed in manufacture of its new works.

within the limits of 45 - j Venetian biennial of last year has been shown spetsproekt, representing 19 authors from 18 countries - participants of shorts - Award sheet. I saw this exhibition - quite worthy, international level of works. Not without reason, Pinchuk`s Award - the largest in the world in money terms.

for comparison, Kandinsky`s our domestic Award awards the main prize in size 40 thousand By the way, works of Sintii Marselle we saw and in Moscow at an exhibition in Gogol parkway, on - to mine, in the beginning of that year. Perhaps remember, video Love of water carts rather psychodelic, accurately built.

One more special prize was received by the Romanian artist Mircha Nikolay. $20 thousand from Victor Pinchuk Foundation. It has received a prize the National choice - Voting by the Internet. It simply glory, without a monetary prize.

well, and Kuns with Hurst during a videoconference spoke, naturally, about importance of financial support of young artists. Marselle has assured colleagues and spectators that thanks to the award demand for its works has essentially raised.

demands for award Future Generation Art Prize are accepted from artists more youngly 35 years on a site of the award from February, 6th till March, 6th. The winner will be declared in December, 2012, and since October, 12 - go till January, 13 - go in PinchukArtCentre in Kiev there will pass an exhibition of finalists.

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