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Belly dance, only very slow, me was much closer

Among all delights of the Hawaiian culture Peter Voronkov allocates local dishes. Tens kinds of fish dishes, pork kalua and a variety of vegetables and fruit - a real paradise for gourmets. Such entertainments force to forget about everything that occurs around, tells an observer.
today Hawaii. We will go on luau - a party with an entertainment. Paradise archipelago - paradise kitchen. My Hawaiian friend mister Zharnot (I more than once mentioned our adventures) is going to live there already till 200 years. It I think, it as usual gets excited. you saw when - nibud, - it has taken an interest as - that - dance an abuse? when women twist it back? - I have asked. no, - he was indignant, - their bottoms are turned as a crone of our palm trees when they are caressed by an ocean wind. Look attentively today on luau . Here so I also have got for the first time for the present Hawaiian supper.

Here a large quantity of fish dishes. Be not afraid to try moves - moves ahi pako - pako or lomi - lomi is a salmon. All of them are gentle and surprisingly pleasant on taste. Vegetarians will be glad to an abundance of fruit and vegetables which too are extremely tasty, but not for them this story. Pork kalua - a pig baked in a hole - imu - underground on hot stones. Here that I recommend to the present gourmet. It is seasoned only with sea salt and plus " is covered with leaves ti; give to drink - violet mashed potatoes from a root container. It is a lot of that else, but I did not try some such pork anywhere. Like and without seasonings, but gentle as the ocean breeze, melts in the mouth in improbable quantities. Though considering paradise kushchi on which vypasajutsja local pjatochki, to be surprised flower poslevkusiju meat it is ridiculous.

Having become drowsy from meal, I stupidly looked then at local dances. And when, getting sandals sand, we came back with mister Zharnotom on a beach home, it has, of course, stuck: how to me dance an abuse? fine! . I have inspected the crones of the palm trees which have been romantically filled in with light of the moon, and is affirmative, forgive, has hiccupped. Belly dance only very slow during that moment to me was much closer.