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Our leading biathlonists lag behind a course the competitors very much

At the eighth stage of a World Cup on biathlon in Finland the Russian sportsmen have won two medals: silver at Timothy Lapshin in sprint and bronze at Dmitry Malyshko in prosecution race. Succession of events in Kontiolahte was watched by a sports observer FM Vladimir Osipov.
it is possible to sum already up because the eighth stage is finished. At us on March, 1st starts the World championship on biathlon, and it is possible to understand already that to us from it to wait. As to a female national team, at first about the sad. Even matter is not that any medal is not present here in Kontiolahti. The matter is that our leading biathlonists: Olga Zajtseva, naturally, and Olga Viluhina (at the given stage, at least, the good results, except Olga Zajtsevoj, it shows) lag behind a course the competitors very much.

here look: In prosecution race the best course was at Darya Domrachevoj, and here Olga Zajtseva on 10 km has lagged behind from Domrachevoj - 1 minute of 53 seconds, and Viluhina - 2 minutes of 7 seconds. It is not simple much, it catastrophically is a lot of. And that it to correct, at Wolfgang Pihlera, the head coach of our female national team, remains less than three weeks. I do not know, it will turn out or not. In my opinion, if it occurs, if it can tighten a course for such time, it will be a miracle.

We can hope for medals, undoubtedly, because Olga Zajtseva shoots is more tremendous. And if zadergajutsja its main opponents: Kajsa Mjakjarjajnen or Magdalena Nojner, Round Berger it quite to herself can, having closed all targets, to be in prizes, and can be even to take gold but this such 50/ 50. Here for it we will hope, because a course, unfortunately, Olga loses seriously enough, as well as Olga Viluhina. So we will hope and pray, more than anything to us does not remain.

Now about the pleasant: about a remarkable man`s national team. Here, of course, a fantasy that our children show in prosecution race - three persons in ten. And those people about whom we earlier, in general - that, especially also did not hear: Timothy Lapshin, Malyshko, - they in prizes, in general, good fellows, handsome men. Certainly, from men we will wait for very serious results in the World championship.