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Now we have a possibility to compare French and the Italian approach to entrails

Restaurant Osteria Montiroli offers the special menu within the limits of festival of an offal, Darya Tsivina tells. Now here it is possible to estimate the veal brains with sauce sitronel, fresh leaves of salads or, for example, the beef hem on - venetsianski. However some dishes nevertheless tempted in a delicatessen does not suffice, adds an observer.
in Osteria Montiroli on Big Nikitsky today starts festival of an offal which will last till February, 26th. Head cook Osteria of Massimiliano Montirolli as though has responded to my appeal thrown in the end of the last year, and has decided to offer the Italian dishes from the delicacies recognised all over the world, nezasluzhenno forgotten by our restaurants.

I Will remind that the first this noble educational mission was assigned to itself by small restaurant News &More, for the first time after a long break shown to Moscow ris de veau - the veal hem and the bull eggs prepared in classical French style. Now we have a possibility to compare French and the Italian approach to entrails. As the prices for festival dishes in Montiroli not much are more expensive, than were in News &More, and on several positions and at all coincide.

so, the most valuable to each person understanding in a delicatessen, - (in this case veal) Massimiliano boils brains and submits with sauce sitronel, fresh leaves of salads, cucumbers and a garden radish. There is this dish 470 rbl. the Beef hem on - venetsianski, prepared with mint, costs even more cheaply - 450 rbl.

And here the bull eggs, zharennye in panirovke alla milanese with sauce arrabiato, paternal - that have appeared in Osteria expensive - 670 rbl. Is in the menu still rizotto with language of a lamb and a liver on - venetsianski with mashed potatoes, but it, in my opinion, half measures. I would prefer, that on their place there was a marrow and the bull tails.