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the Organizer of the auctions, the competitive managing director Open Society HESR Radionova T. A, declares tendering in the form of auction with the open form of offers on the price on sale of property the debtor (motor transport):

Number Model Year of release the Initial price

1 GAS 3110 1999 7 000,00

2 GAS 3307 onboard 1993 17 000,00

3 GAS 66 van 1981 18 000,00

4 KRAZ 2561 1991 54 000,00

5 Ural Mountains 4320 1990 40 000,00

6 UAZ 31514 1999 9000,00

7 Ground storage of oil (4 tanks 30 cubic) 14 490,00

to Familiarize with property and documents are possible, having called by phone: 89147022434. Demands acceptance and other documents is carried out in the working days from 10 o`clock 00 minutes till 12 o`clock 00 minutes from the date of publication of the message on property sale in the newspaper to the address: Khabarovsk territory, Khabarovsk, street Industrial, d. 13, and also by means of a direction of the demand with the appendix of the documents specified in item 2. 1 present appendix the certified mail to the address: 690005, Vladivostok - 5, and/ I 107. Demands acceptance comes to an end 5 (five) working days prior to tendering date. Participants of the auctions make an application with the appendix of certified copies of the certificate of an INN, OGRN, constituent documents (the charter, the articles of incorporation), extracts from EGRJUL (not later than 30 days before application date), the inventory of documents, for jur. Persons; an INN, OGRNIP, EGRIP for IP; passports for fiz. Persons, and also the payment document confirming entering of the deposit on the settlement account of Open Society HESR . The auctions will take place for 30 working day at 12:00 after publication of the given message to the address: Khabarovsk, Industrial, 13, 2 - j a floor. Results of the auctions are brought at 14:00 in day of carrying out on a venue. A step of increase in the price of auction - 10 %. The winner of auction - the participant who has offered a ceiling price. The winner of the auctions within 10 days signs the contract of purchase and sale of property. To participation the persons who paid the deposit and have directed the demand when due hereunder are supposed. The applicant concludes the contract on the deposit and brings the deposit not later than 5 working days before tendering date on r/ from Open Society HESR 40702810414010000185 in FOAO Far East bank Khabarovsk Khabarovsk, BIK 040813848, to/ with 3010180800000000848 at a rate of 10 % from the initial price of its interesting prize. In a case if the auctions will not take place, auction will take place for 30 working day from the date of carrying out of last auctions in 12. 00 on the same conditions, but with 10 - percentage decrease in the initial price. Inclinations are accepted within 25 working days from the date of carrying out of the first auctions. All information on the auctions, and also you can receive the contract of the deposit and the contract draught of purchase and sale, having directed inquiry to the address: zenitdv@rambler. ru or on the address: 690005, Vladivostok - 5, and/ I 107, ph. 89147022434.