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Even if Fabio Kapello does not become the head coach Anzhi club public relations fantastic

the Former instructor of football English national team of Fabio Kapello has arrived to Moscow. News agencies confirm - on negotiations with Anzhi . As always in such cases, assumptions more than real facts. A sports observer FM Vladimir Osipov and leader Andrey Norkin have discussed a situation.
- at first I will tell yesterday`s story. I switch the TV, it worked for me without a sound, channel Euronews. I see that there is Fabio Kapello, and below an inscription, there a caption in English: Fabio in . And further I see any word which I cannot read. I think that it: A, n, j, i ?

- And suddenly osenjaet: Anji!

- And so, means, Fabio in Anji - has informed me yesterday Euronews. I have included, have understood that while it has arrived, and here further to you a word.

- Here all is simple, understand, as usual, the smoke without fire, of course, does not happen, but at all of us at level of hearings. That is the unique fact, now for hundred percent clear everything, it that Fabio Kapello in Moscow. And further look, what history: to us say that Fabio Kapello has talked to representatives Anzhi in particular, with Roberto Carlos. How? Roberto Carlos in Spain, and Fabio Kapello in Moscow.

- Perhaps by phone?

- And what for it then to Moscow - that arrived? It could

- That was more audible

- If only so. It is A lot of nesostykovochek. Besides, say that Krasnozhan is sent in resignation. The official site of club is silent. There is an information that Krasnozhanu have offered a place of the vice-president Anzhi instead of Herman Chistjakova. CHistjakov is a person whom just Krasnozhana and has resulted in club. Really in Anzhi did not understand, when appointed Krasnozhana the head coach that it simply hardly will cope with such children, as Roberto Carlos and Samjuel Eto`O. Certainly, knew, but nevertheless appointed.

it is a lot of nesostykovok, but the most important thing that even if Fabio Kapello does not become the head coach Anzhi the management of this club, public relations - agencies and a press - the attache have achieved the most important thing: that history which you told, foreign mass-media very much shout: Anzhi . They learn to say now this word - Anzhi Anzhi on - to a miscellaneous, Onzhi they will learn necessarily.

- On French of manners, I think, most easier.

- Onzhi yes. They have achieved the most important thing: now about this club, not about Spartake not about CSKA speak, speak about Anzhi . And it is very healthy, because it draws attention to the Russian football. But besides these public relations, advertising, then there should be any results.

if against this big money will really create superclub which will train, suppose, Fabio Kapello, and will start to achieve result at first in national championship, then in Euro cups, it will turn out such certain Russian Manchester of City . In due time remember that spoke about Manchester of City when its Sheikh Mansur has bought, that it is impossible to make money club seriously. No, it is possible.

- About Chelsea too so spoke.

- About Chelsea too so spoke. No, it is possible to make. And if now they make it, the first step is made. Public relations fantastic. All speak about club Anzhi . And the following step - results. Will be or not, we will look.