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Game rules

independent expert Dmitry Tratas
exposes on the auctions the Well-known Warren Baffett it is considered the most successful in the world the trader. But, as it was found out, some hundreds people of last ten years constantly beat it on profitableness. The American congressmen about what all America has learnt from analytical TV program " have appeared these tempted traders; 60 minutes on channel CBS. With surnames, dates and figures of the received income. For example, legislators actively sold futures for dollar before approving the first and second stage of programs quantitative softening . Played in short with papers of the financial companies before the announcement of bankruptcy Lehman Brothers. Took shares of alternative power one days prior to acceptance of the program of development of this branch in the USA.

similar activity forbids the ethics Code the Houses of Representatives of the USA. He forbids members of chamber At execution of the state duties to use any information for reception of private profit . But thanks to the openings, allowing to bypass this rule, the code it has appeared insufficiently. The separate law Also was necessary. Attempts it to accept were undertaken three times, since 2006, but in the previous cases the project died within the precincts of committee on its working out.

but this time it was necessary to all of them. TV program has received a huge resonance in a society. Enraged president Obama has promised to sign the law next day after it will lay down on my table . In the beginning of February both chambers have voted for operatively developed law forbidding to them similar trading. 417 voices against two refrained in the Congress and 96 against a three in the Senate. Rather rare unanimity among contradictory parties. After a public kick legislators, probably so hurried up that different versions of the project, and now the commission from representatives of both chambers from two different versions have approved will stick together one legislative document. I think that it will be made very quickly. After all both to republicans, and democrats with special force it is necessary to prove the love to the people and adherence of justice - to elections in the USA even more half a year.

unlike Russia. At us and pre-election race already comes to an end, and anybody did not promise control strengthening over legislators or other categories insajderov. The law on counteraction to a misuse of the insider information has been accepted in a year before last. But about any sensational cases on exposures dishonest insajderov, about serious punishments - penalties or imprisonments - I did not hear something. Only market whisper that again company papers iks Have gone to growth for two days to the announcement of good news . In the USA for the same two years even in the conditions of the imperfect legislation almost one hundred affairs has ended a lattice and multi-billion indemnifications for their figurants. Probably, unlike American, the Russian bees simply do not love medical