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I would not be surprised, if Vladimir Putin has told that the prices for habitation can be lowered on 50 %

By 2030 of problems with habitation at Russians will not be, Vladimir Putin has declared in new article. It will be made, including, at the expense of reduction of prices on habitation on 20 - 30 %. The leader FM Xenias Turkovoj these plans were commented by economist Nikita Krichevsky.
in particular, the prime minister has noticed that by 2020 to solve a problem of availability of new habitation will be possible for 60 % of the Russian families. And by 2030 this problem will cease to exist.

- 20 - 30 % are real figures of reduction of prices on habitation?

- More than real. I should tell that it is far not a limit, and I would not be surprised, if Vladimir Putin has told that the prices can be lowered not on 20 - 30 %, and on 40 - 50 %.

are you sneer now or seriously?

- Is not present, absolutely seriously because by estimations of numerous experts, for example, in Moscow the corruption component at habitation building makes just those of 50 % about which I spoke.

- Sceptics now will tell that he before elections will promise still that in apartment gift I will allow and to pay extra still, therefore, actually, about irony and have asked.

- is a social habitation For nothing, it and now stands out for nothing, here there is no irony, any scepticism. Another matter what to clean a corruption component is a problem number one, and about it and Vladimir Putin writes. But while any concrete movements in this party it is not undertaken.

- if you say, what it is real figures, it means, what the state has certain resources with which help it can allow itself it?

- As I spoke, it, first of all, fight against corruption in building sector. I will repeat, Vladimir Putin speaks about it in the publication. Other question that is not quite clear who will be engaged in it. Because, if we will be guided exclusively by an internal resource of building branch, anything from this does not leave. It is called put the cat near the goldfish bowl .

- And as to a mortgage, the prices will be reduced?

- I should remind that else in 2007 Vladimir Putin, being the president, said that the next years the mortgage will make 8 % of the annual. Today it at level 11 - 12 %, while at any 8 % anybody does not stammer at all. The only thing that Vladimir Putin says that probably partial subsidising of mortgage rates under credits of young families. But while, any concrete movements in this direction also it is not looked through.