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That they want to achieve, when leave on the protest under the schedule

About 30 % of the population of the Earth anyhow watch that occurs in Russia last months. The foreigners living in Moscow, admit what to explain an event not so - that and is simple. For example, one of the foreign experts working in Russia, Martin Torp writes in the blog: the People who are not speaking Russian, asked to explain me, what for people go on meetings of times in two months under the schedule. To me it to make difficultly . More in detail about it, and as about death of Uitni Houston in the traditional review of blogs from Oleg Filimonova.
the Sight from outside. An excellent big post that occurs in Russia eyes of the foreigner. Martin Torp writes: I observe of all it from outside, but last month have caught myself that as I know Russian all time I try to explain that occurs, that who does not own language and sets therefore many specifying questions. That is I like observe from outside, but who is compelled to explain from within to those even more from outside. To explain thus there is all more hard. For this month there were some bright impressions. I was on Marsh, among youth, freaks, white balls, and remembered, how many my Moscow friends have told that will not go on this meeting because or it is cold, or that two times descended and will suffice, there and without us there will be many people, but we certainly support them and at heart with them. The people who are not speaking Russian, then asked me that I have explained to them that they want to achieve when leave on the protest of times in two months under the schedule, and whether really they believe that it is enough of it . I will not quote More. I urgently recommend to read this text.

two themes which were discussed in blogs all past week-end. The death of Uitni first, of course, Houston. Alex Exler has written: the Word of honour, deeply I sympathise with singer Uitni Houston that it RIP and so on. But we will be fair - it as the singer has died very much and very much for a long time. A minimum of years 12 - 15 back. Well, so at it has coincided. Happens. Even at great Elvis something similar was observed last ten years of his life . And the second theme - Rammstein in Moscow. A photo, video, stories, impressions. poguglite, take pleasure, if were not on the show.

and the last. In such frost in capital it would be desirable something warm. Remarkable photographer Peter Pokrovsky on the sly rakes archives after a recent trip to Asia and shares pictures from Philippines. Yesterday it has published a selection of photos dolgopjatov. They are the smallest primacies in the world, their growth makes from 9 to 16 sm, they possess the greatest eyes in relation to a body. Look at photos, dolgopjaty very amusing. It will be pleasant to you.

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