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Commemoration has not prevented triumph

As one would expect, a triumpher 54 - j to ceremony of delivery of prizes of the American academy of sound recording Grammy became English singer Adele. BORIS of DRUMS tells.
54 - I ceremony of delivery of the most prestigious musical awards has passed in los - andzhelesskom Stejplz - the centre . Unexpected leaving from life of Uitni Houston, two days prior to ceremony taken part in a party of participants of ceremony Grammy and found dead in the hotel room on February, 11th, has forced organizers to introduce corrective amendments in the scenario. One of leaders of ceremony, rapper El El Kul Dzhej at the very beginning of evening has asked visitors to pray for the peace of her soul. The most known song from repertoire of Uitni Houston I Will Always Love You has executed Jennifer Hudson.

Adele has been declared in six nominations and has received six awards, including three of the four of the most prestigious - the Album of year ( 21 ) the Song of year ( Rolling In The Deep ) and Record of year ( Rolling In The Deep ). Adele has executed on Grammy a song - the winner. It was its debut on public after the operation transferred in the end of the last year on vocal chords. Now it is logical to expect renewal of its concert activity and world tour.

the fourth major nomination - Best New Artist ( the Best new actor ) . The best new actor had been recognised group Bon Iver, folk - rokery from Wisconsin, still couple of years back known only in the environment of deep the interested an underground of music fans. Bon Iver also has received an award in a nomination the Best alternative album . Rightfully it is possible to name success Bon Iver a sign of a positive tendency in the musical industry. Its bosses, seemingly, began to pay attention that occurs in indi - environment that is popular among blogerov.

Five Grammy, including for the best fate - an album, were received by group Foo Fighters. Following the results of its ceremony it is possible to consider main fate - group in the world - in fate - nominations of Dejv Grol and its colleague have not conceded to anybody. Four awards at the rapper Kanye West who was in the lead on number of nominations: them at it was seven. A new star of dancing culture - DJ Skrilleks though has conceded in an important nomination Best New Artist to group Bon Iver, nevertheless has taken away home three grammofonchika. On two awards at Tony Bennett (including for a duet from dead Emi Uajnhaus), Si Lo Green, The Civil Wars, Taylor Swift and Fergi. This ceremony for the Lady of the Eider became failure. In all three nominations in which it has been declared, has won Adele.

Pol Epuort became the producer - a triumpher. An award in a nomination the Producer of year to it have brought records Adele, Si Lo Green and group Foster The People.

Along with commemoration for Uitni Houston and returning Adele on a scene the historical moment of the last ceremony it is possible to name reunion of group The Beach Boys which has executed the potpourri from the hits with support of young colleagues from Maroon 5 and Foster The People. Paul McCartney Twice approached to a microphone. It has sung the new song My Valentine also has set the fashion in final number of ceremony - the potpourri from songs The Beatles in which it have supported Bruce Springstin, Dejv Grol and Joe Uolsh. eks - bitl has not been deprived not only spectator attention, but also an award - truth, Grammy it has received in rather specific nomination the Best historical album for reprinting of a disk of 1973 Band On The Run .