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Planet parade

Vyacheslav Butusov`s Present concert and “ JU - Peter “ in Ekaterinburg will take place within the limits of the anniversary round, last year starting by autumn and proceeding till the spring 2012. Tour is dated for two important events for participants of collective. In - the first, to the fiftieth anniversary frontmena Butusov that means the fullest anthology of its creativity in a number of various projects, since “ Nautilusa “ and finishing solo works. Well, and the second important event - actually, 10 - letie most “ JU - Peter “.

Two years ago Vyacheslav Butusov was definitively defined with intentions and feelings concerning group Nautilus Pompilius heritage. Intense relations with the author of texts of group Ilya Kormiltsevym, the performances which have become complicated even more the ambassador “ JU - Peter “ before “ Ours “ on Seliger, prevented to use to the musician products “ Nau “ In that measure in which it would be desirable that for admirers. But after death of Kormiltseva and to 25 - letiju “ Nautilusa “ these difficulties have ceased to exist, and mister Butusov realised the anniversary project “ Naubum “ - a disk - tribjut and the concert program with new versions of hits. By that moment at group “ JU - Peter “ in which with Butusov the former guitarist " plays; Cinema “ George Kasparjan, there was already own biography - and in sense of national love it there was completely not unequivocal project. The leader of group admits that till now has not found a format comprehensible to admirers “ Nautilusa “ and simultaneously satisfying ambitions of its present collective.

“ it is permanent struggle, - Vyacheslav Butusov speaks, - Now we do the program based mainly on songs „JU - Peter“. It till now an unevident thing. But I have an inoculation. We passed it with „Nautilusom a Pompilius“ when in the beginning 1990 - h have arrived home to Ekaterinburg in the updated structure. Public was indignant: „Where a saxophone, where keys?“ Us have simply thrown beer bottles... Organizers of concerts and write today on posters: „Vyacheslav Butusov and group„ JU - Peter “. Organizers as paste from a tube, squeezed out Butusov from“Nautilusa“, squeeze out now from„ JU - Peter “. For me this charlatanism, as if purchase“roleksa“at speculators on a beach in Anapa. And still sometimes attribute:„ All hits of group Nautilus Pompilius, all hits of group “Cinema“. Someone from admirers has scanned such poster, has laid out on the Internet and has attributed:„ All hits of group “ÄÄÒ“, all hits of group “Aquarium“, all hits of group “Àëèñà“... “.

Victor Tsoy`s Songs “ JU - Peter “ executed for a long time, but in homoeopathic doses. In the course of soundtrack creation to a film “ the Needle. Remix “ and preparations for memorial festival “ 20 years without “Cinema“ “ Vyacheslav Butusov has definitively got rid of scepticism, and reproaches in operation of a heritage of the colleague any more do not disturb him. “ I very long did not want to sing a song “Cinema“. It was visible, how much it is all on - potrebitelski, kazenno became. But all the same in it is a little - malsky an association element., For example, such detonator is necessary for my box of trotyl. I go on it with a great effort, I try not to give in on dodges behind which always there is a crafty. But I know that any necessary and useful process as a result can be got. When I stand on a scene, and George Kasparjan plays familiar parties, there are mystical changes. At me at once a smile to ears, I feel happy “.

Having understood with a heritage “ Nau “ having defined with a place of songs “ Cinema “ in the repertoire, Vyacheslav Butusov as if has dumped cargo and was released from a cocoon in which stayed many long years. The recent introvert has got out of a shell and has passed in a mode of excessive sincerity which at times enters the spectator into a stupor. The impression such that to Vyacheslav Butusov is necessary to be uttered today, and in the most different forms. Butusov as if has found out a certain gold proportion between the past and the present, among themselves and others. “ we imagine, where for it to search, - he speaks. - now it is necessary to pass some way “.

Palace of Youth, on February, 26th, 19. 00