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The island instinct

At east coast of Africa, hardly to the south of the equator, washed by waters of Indian ocean lies the Earth the Black Person - Zanzibar. So the name of this island is translated with Arabian.

in due time the contribution to culture of Zanzibar was brought by Hindus, Arabs, Portugueses, Frenchmen and British. Island capital, the Stone City - a live monument of these influences. The next disctricts of the city as if circles on a tree trunk, - store traces of different epoch of its history. Noisy and motley east markets, a sultan palace, a national museum, old Portuguese port and Christian church on a place were nevolnichego the market - mixture of cultures does Zanzibar such especial.

the best hotel on island considers The Residence Zanzibar which occupies extensive territory in the south. The hotel consists of buried in verdure park of the separate country houses, which architecture - one more example of a characteristic interlacing for Zanzibar cultural traditions of Suahili, Oman, Britain and India. Each country house has own pool, and also the butler which will execute any wish of visitors. Windows of some country houses leave on ocean, opening a panoramic kind on a coastal line and azure horizon. A part of territory The Residence are 1,5 - a kilometre beach from white sand with own pier, whence it is possible to go to swimming on the most different kinds of a sailing charter. Lodgers of hotel can use catamarans, a canoe, kayaks, sailing vessels or is simple lastami and masks.

Indian ocean washing coast of island, conceals the unique underwater world in the depths. Between coral reeves tens versions of colour tropical small fishes scurry about, having buried in sand, sea hedgehogs and stars take cover. Besides in island water area it is possible to meet whales and dolphins. One of the most popular entertainments on island this safari with dolphins. Dolphins rather friendly beings and at all are not afraid to swim up to boats and to contact to people. Here it is possible to go down from a boat in water to have possibility to observe dolphins under water and to swim for a while in their company with a mask.

from a pier the Arabian sailing vessels also leave for swimming on the next islands - dou. Such cruise, as a rule, occupies all the day and by all means includes picnic on one of velvet beaches of archipelago.

the hotel will organise for the visitors the most different excursions, including Spicy Round as it is possible to guess under the name, - on plantations of spices for which Zanzibar is well-known. Today on island grow up more than 50 various spices, including a carnation, cinnamon and a nutmeg. During excursion on plantations local residents will tell and will show, as well as of what plants do spices. Excursion on wood of Dzhozani gives the chance to look close on mangrovye at trees and red kolobusov. These monkeys are very curious and at all are not afraid of people. Among other inhabitants of wood - a Zanzibar leopard, a python, a royal cobra and well-known black mamba. To see them is the big rarity because unlike monkeys they are very timid.

on Zanzibar it is possible to express style of life two words - akuna matata . On suahili it means any problems . In spite of the fact that Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania, local residents of do not consider as Tanzanians. on continent more closed people, gloomier customs, and at our place, on Zanzibar, people opened and cheerful - local residents speak, in passing trying to sell to tourists bracelets from a skin of an elephant or ten scarfs for 5 euros. Also are not upset, if it is not possible to them.