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Musicians from the Bean

the Reggae - group The Wailers based half a century ago and well-known first of all that in it sang when - that the Gauze Bean, comes again on tour to Ekaterinburg. The Jamaican collective will act on February, 17th in “ Teleclub “. Exactly three years ago jamajtsy already came to us within the limits of the round dated for the thirtieth anniversary of album Exodus and birthday of the Gauze which rastamany planets mark on February, 6th. Now all who then could not visit a concert, have a possibility to make up for lost time, and at those who managed - to drop again to a source of positive vibrations on - jamajski.

If to address to group history it conditionally shares for two global periods - with the Bean of the Gauze and after the Bean. It is necessary to consider as a group starting point 1962 when the Bean and its friends, Banni Livingstone and Peter Tosh, have got on listening to the owner of musical shop and beginning producer Lesli Kongu who has written down with them in studio some tracks. The next year the Bean has collected the group completely consisting of its friends - the command initially carried name The Teenagers. And only to the middle 60 - h the group, after several metamorphoses, has turned in so well-known to us The Wailers (that in transfer means “ Plakalshchiki “ - as reflexion of almost any traditional Black culture).

In February, 1964 in lines local Jamaican a hit - parade Wailers have won first place together with a song “ Simmer Down “. An inexhaustible stream of singles with 1964 - go on 1965 - j have made group megapopular, truth, it is exclusive in Jamaica. Then at musicians problems with police have begun that as a result has led to arrest of Banni of Livingstone in 1967 - m. Having returned from prison after a year, it has united again from the Gauze and Toshem to make to write down several more albums: two - Whether with “ Skretchem “ Perr who, actually, also has given a start in life the Gauze Bean (though about it many already and do not remember), and two - with Island Records (“ Catch A Fire “ and “ Burnin “ - both leave in 1973).

In 1969 brothers of Baretty join group - bass player Aston “ Femili Maine “ and drummer Karlton. To the beginning the seventieth glory of collective falls outside the limits island, and in 1973 group, having received the contract, writes down a debut album “ Catch a Fire “ at studio Island Records. Then group leave, having decided to begin solo open-cast mines, its founders Peter Tosh and Banni Uejler. And The Wailers in the meantime becomes cult in the musical environment. Almost all compositions of group fly up on tops a hit - parades in Great Britain and get to various American charts. The new direction - a reggae - extends on a planet. On native island the Gauze Bean becomes a cult figure, whose performances are perceived not differently, as revelations sacred. In 1987 - the m dies drummer Karlton “ Karli “ Barret, having left the brother as leader The Wailers. Actually Aston also heads group of today. And thanking it sounding Wailers since the Gauze Bean, practically has not changed.

it is necessary to notice that after death of the Bean of the Gauze in 1981, in group some vocalists were replaced. Five place first years from a microphone was occupied with the friend of the Gauze - Joe Jamanaka. During round 2009 - go the popular American composer and the executor of a reggae Alan has joined group. However the greatest recognition among admirers of style was won by musician Kulant who co-operated with group from the middle 2000 - h. In present tour this vocalist who, as well as the Gauze, has spent the childhood in the Jamaican village near to the Valve, will step on the stage again as a part of collective.

in a threshold of the Ekaterinburg concert it is necessary to tell about such phenomenon which it would be conditionally possible to name “ correction of “errors“ of Perr “. It has begun still in 70 - h with records of the Bean of the Gauze, the focused on West European and North American listeners. Such approach became typical for appeared much later World Music, when music “ the third world “ it began to be interpreted, and finally even to be executed by quite western musicians, but to be on sale as an original product. The same has occurred and to a reggae of the Bean of the Gauze. For this reason fast arrival The Wailers to Ekaterinburg gets great value for judges of their music. After all rare enough possibility to hear it in that kind in what it is executed by musicians in the homeland, without application of any producer lotions and any adapting mastering is represented! It any more will not be similarity of the plates of the Bean focused on the West - to us live Jamaica, with all history, rocking to sleep riddimami and positive vibrations goes.

teleclub, on February, 17th, 20. 00.