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Cool the Seagull

That only did not do with the Seagull to transform into the actual play. Any time back, say, at Finn Christian Smedsa Treplev witty cut the killed bird for bloody beefsteaks and threw to spectators. And more recently, in the Satyricon Yury Butusov has made the Seagull where was two Trepleva, three Ninas, statement reminded a monologue of a world soul - talented symbols much, and symmetry is not present.

Konstantin Bogomolov, known theatrical michurinets, before moving heroes of the novel Fathers and children on the Soviet nomenclature summer residences, crossing characters dovlatovskogo Reserve with heroes kerrollovskoj Alisy has adhered the Seagull by outer space exploration times. That is to Khruschev`s thaw: Action begins to year in 58 - m, and comes to an end after Gagarin`s flight - the old TV endlessly broadcasts stories of the first cosmonaut. In writer Trigorine it is possible to suspect the adherent of a socialist realism, and of Koste Trepleve - the future Daniel or Sinjavsky. Through a thaw time, the further, the more strongly, looks through day today`s. Crackling plates with Lyudmila Zykinoj`s songs alternate with Sentries of love Okudzhavy, camp songs of Galich in modern execution, and Treplev, taking a guitar, sings Autumn Shevchyuk.

the drawing room in Sorin`s manor reminds a teacher`s room, on the occasion of summer repair filled by old furniture - tables with the turned chairs, grey walls, state light more. The back wall is not present - the room comes to an end frightening failure. The wall with zareshechennym a window, doing space closer, will go down for the first time instead of a curtain in performance of Trepleva, and in the ending will shake, as if the house here - here will collapse. In a prologue offstage schoolboys as if the magical lake has turned to a children`s beach sonorously shout. Masha (Yana Sekste) though tries to smoke, coquetting with teacher Medvedenko (Alexey Komashko), still wears a brown dress with an apron.

however, on an action course all these signs of a place and time, old songs alternately with new, start to seem usual kapustnikom. performance will soon begin! - Masha explains to spectators, meaning an opus of Trepleva, - the hall in the answer joyfully laughs loudly. Under a storm of applause leave Oleg Tabakov, Marina Zudin, Konstantin Habensky. All three enter intentionally ironic relations with the characters: Doctor Dorn, that is Oleg Tabakov, at first even, apparently, is perplexed, why the actor Habensky (Trigorin) embraces Marina Zudin (Arkadina). And the hall has fun with all the heart - so successfully Chekhovian remarks are projected on the biography of executors. When Dorn wounded by the remark of Medvedenko about the ostensibly saved condition, throws: Money? For thirty years of practice... It was possible to save only two thousand public fades, having remembered well-known financial trial. On such cabbage a background other actors and their characters fade into the background. An exception - Sorin: Sergey Sosnovsky masterly plays the small employee, a threshold of an old age greedy making up for the missed life. During time pjanki and dances in a teacher`s room it suddenly stares hard at public, goes down in a hall and pulls out to dance any confused spectator. Nina Zarechnaja - the student 5 does not become flustered also - go a course of the HOST Yana Osipov plays the debutant in every way aspiring in the world of success. And its some similarity to young Olga Knipper`s portraits only adds to a scandalousness invention: in the fourth certificate Nina is to Koste, straight off does a cocaine path, and after lays down on a table in an invocatory pose.

why Kostja refuses to it affinity and climbs to be shot at a wardrobe, it is possible to treat on - to a miscellaneous. The matter is that to the ending the critical weight gegov definitively gets the best. The hall so is adjusted to laugh that does not react almost on on - to the present the bitter ending. However, can, the director of that and wanted: it put performance not about thaw times, and about today`s academic theatre in which the talented debutant only and needs what to be shot, choking among platitude and old rags.

Theatre for Young People, 12 - on February, 13th, 19. 00