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The prophet - n - a beater

In 1984 - m to very few people then known Petersburg group “ Alisa “ and without special success podvizavshijsja in various Moscow fate - commands the musician, the author of songs Konstantin Kintchev have found each other and next year became sensation on Leningrad fate - festival. Expressive eyes frontmena groups with “ fighting “ podvodkoj, its gutta-percha plastic arts and sexuality excited the Soviet fans of fate. From a scene it conjured public, stretching to it hands in black gloves, groaned, whispered and shouted. Against the main things fate - idols of that time - “ Time machines “ and “ the Aquarium “ preferring an ironical reflexion to direct critical outbursts, - the leader “ Alisy “ it was perceived by the present rebel. The image fate - voitelja sits till now on this actor as poured in. Though the ideological orientation of its creativity since 1992 when the musician has accepted Orthodoxy, has resolutely changed. Konstantin Kintchev, all conscious life singing about death, and instead of a greeting speaking “ we Will meet in a hell “ began to preach devoutly from a scene the Scriptus, declared itself the monarchist, more shortly, about all the same violent passion has started singing about belief and fatherland. Not all admirers “ Alisy “ have accepted this metamorphosis, but, anyway, at Petersburg group and today it is a lot of fans, including in Ekaterinburg. The musician admits: “ 30 years we are cut, and each time when I step on the stage, it gives to me even physical pleasure, not to mention the emotional. I take boldness to declare that we deliver pleasure at concerts, „we transform water into wine“ “.

on February, 22nd group “ Alisa “ and Konstantin Kintchev will act on the largest platform of a city - in DIVSe with the new program “ 20. 12 “. It is caused to life by not coming nearer football championship, and the sacred John`s prophesying an apocalypse Revelation.

texts, as usual at Kintchev, are foggy, but it is in the excellent form so, public zavorozhenno will rock in a step to a rhythm and most likely at all will not catch a word.

DIVS, on February, 22nd. 19. 00