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As usual, guards absence of mechanisms of realisation

Vladimir Putin will not allow to transform Russia in empty space . In article for Komsomol truth the prime minister has promised to increase salaries and grants. The director of Institute of problems of globalisation Michael Deljagin has commented on theses of the candidate in presidents to the leader FM to Andrey Norkinu.
According to Putin, since September, 1st payment of teachers of high schools will grow to average on region, and by 2018 earnings should make 200 % from an average on region economy.

the same reference point is offered for doctors - Vladimir Putin writes. Also the prime minister has promised to students additional 5 thousand rbl. monthly, and to mothers of three children - on 7 thousand rbl. a month in regions with bad birth rate.

- Vladimir Putin publishes next as it is accepted to name it, program article. Its promises on social policy are how much realistic?

- In money - that problems are not present, because in the federal budget now rolls without movement more than 5,5 trln roubles. Here it is enough money. Thus tone of article such ennobled. There it is said that each rouble in social sphere should make justice. Involuntarily by the end of reading I, for example, have pinched myself for a hand and have thought: Really? And suddenly really it is truth? Suddenly really someone there wants to make all it? . Certainly, as usual, guards absence of mechanisms or, we will tell so, insufficient attention to mechanisms. Such comic relation causes, except for museums, on all parametres otsyl not by 1990 as, say, was in the field of economy, and to postdefoltnomu time - to 1999 - to 2000 - when social guarantees were absent basically, we were once again in an accident condition. There there are some very amusing reservations when it is told, for example, that the state has completely paid the debt to pensioners, it appears. It appears, at us now pensioners live adequately. And so on. Basically, seriously frightens only that on - former support of reform of the budgetary organisations which is planned on July, 1st proceeds. This that business which is planned also which, from my point of view, contradicts good wishes which it there erects. Though that is told about the secondary education standard, I hope, remains not only words. It means exceptions of possibility of introduction of those standards of formation which now are going to introduce.

- and, for example, about pension age - he again writes, what will not raise?

- Understand, he writes that it categorically against increase.

- But after all it should be perceived, probably how its promise which it will carry out, having won on presidential election?

- Wait, the person knows Russian. If he wanted to make the promise, I will lay down kostmi, I will die, I will retire, but I will not raise pension age . So he expresses personal opinion. It is good that he expresses personal opinion, it could and coincide with personal opinion of misters of Kudrin, Dvorkovicha and all the others. But it is necessary to understand that we had cases when heads of the country, say, companion Stalin had any good, correct opinion. To it bad people from the Political bureau came both overpersuaded it. Also it turned out not how it would would be desirable like companion Stalin and how it would be desirable the state as a whole. So we will wait and we will look. Though as a whole, this article successful from the point of view of propagation.

- in comparison with previous or in general?

- In - the first, it in general successful. You understand, if at me, the person whom many years have spent on civil service and all it saw at a short distance, by the end of reading of the text there was a suspicion that, maybe, people of really it sincerely want, it is some success, from my point of view. Certainly, it is much better, than the first failure article. It above, than article on economy which was so, neither fish nor fowl, though there was positive much. It on quality approximately corresponds to article about an ethnic question.

but it is necessary to understand a simple thing. Here such promises, maybe, modest are made, not so are great on money, but they are very essential from the point of view of corruption restriction. They are very essential from this point of view. And if this article will carry out, conditionally speaking, on two third, instead of entirely, I any more do not speak about a variant when about it will forget on March, 5th, here then any Makfolov with Navalnymi is not required. Then the situation will be broken off itself, and very quickly.