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The Pope has apologised before Moslems

Pope Benedict XVI has expressed a deep regret because its statements have caused an indignation wave in the Islamic world. these words which are the citation from the medieval text, at all do not reflect my own thoughts. I hope that this (explanation) will serve a pacification of hearts and will clear the present value of my message which, inherently, was and is the invitation to fair and sincere dialogue in the spirit of mutual respect. I also want to add that I deeply regret for the reaction caused in a number of the countries in several lines of my message, Regensburg read at university which have regarded offensive for feelings of Moslems - quotes () Associated Press Benedict`s XVI made it to group of pilgrims during traditional Sunday prayer Angelus statement.
it is interesting that performance of the pontifex on the air was broadcast on Qatar TV channel Al - Jazeera. As informs the Italian agency ANSA, after that a number of representatives of the Muslim world, in particular members of the Egyptian fundamentalist organisation Brothers - Moslems have accepted apologies of the pontifex, having declared thus that attach special significance to dialogue between two religions.
the scandalous statement of the Pope which has caused a wave of indignation in the countries of the Islamic world, has been made on September, 12th during university visiting in German Regensburg. During the performance the head of Vatican has quoted the statement of the Byzantian emperor of XIV century Manuila II Paleologa about essence of jihad (usually interpreted exclusively as sacred war of Moslems with incorrect). Show to me that the new was brought (prophet) Mohammed, and you will see things only malicious and brutal, such as its instructions sword to extend belief which it preached - has read then Benedict XVI fragment from compositions of the Byzantian emperor. Later representatives of Vatican have declared that in the speech the Pope had no intention to offend Moslems.
nevertheless in the Islamic world these statements have been apprehended as a religion insult. On the Muslim countries protest actions have swept, and their leaders have acted with criticism to the Pope.
so, Muslim fanatics have made some attacks on Christian churches. For example, on the West Bank of Jordan some bottles with an incendiary mix have been thrown in temples of the Greek orthodox and Anglican churches. Besides, with rigid statements representatives of the governments of Palestin and Iran, parliament of Pakistan have acted. The representative of party in power of Turkey Salih Kapusuz has compared Benedict XVI to Hitler and Mussolini.
Besides, similar imprudence in statements of the Pope can provoke the wave of acts of terrorism directed against Vatican. The insurgent grouping the day before operating in Iraq has threatened Vatican with attacks with participation of condemned men. Such threat contains in the statement of insurgents placed on one of Islamic sites on the Internet.
we swear to direct people who love death the same as you love life - it is told in the message signed Army of Mojaheds . This grouping is considered involved in tens the acts of terrorism made in Iraq for last three years. our spirit will not calm down until we will not shake your thrones and we will not break your crosses at you the house - terrorists have threatened.
in connection with this threat in Rome security measures have been strengthened. Under the most careful control was the territory round country residence of the Pope in Kastel Gandolfo near Rome where the prayer has taken place is taken.