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Microsoft has lost the claim to Eurocommission

the European court of the first instance has rejected the claim of the world`s largest manufacturer of the software, Microsoft Corp. To the European commission (EK). The company demanded to recognise illegal its obligations to pay the penalty in connection with abusing a leading position in the European market. About it it is told in the statement of court published on Monday.
judges have agreed with the decision of the European commission according to which Microsoft abused the position in the market, compelling buyers Windows to get simultaneously and media player Windows Media Player. The court also has upheld the penalty imposed by Eurocommission at a rate of 497 million euro, transfers Reuters.
we Will remind that on December, 15th 2005. The Eurocommission has published the statement in which it was noticed that company Microsoft has not executed the judgement which has been taken out in March 2004. When the American company have obliged to pay the penalty at a rate of 497 million euro. Microsoft has paid the penalty, however, according to Eurocommission, regarding disclosing of an initial code of a server operating system the company has not given exact and trustworthy information.
in the end of March 2006. Judicial session on which the decision on imposing on Microsoft penal sanctions - on 2 million euro a day from date of removal of the prevention (on December, 15th 2005 should be accepted has taken place.) till the moment of its coming into force. However then upon termination of session the speaker of Eurocommission Dzhonatan Todd declared that on final decision acceptance some time will leave still.
on July, 12th 2006. Antimonopoly regulating bodies of EU have passed the decision on penalty imposing on Microsoft at a rate of 280,5 million euro (357 million dollars) for judgement default 2004. This very day the company has declared intention to appeal against against penalty imposing in court.