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Airline SAS has cancelled 228 flights

the Scandinavian airline Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has declared today that till September, 19th of this year has cancelled at least 228 flights in connection with technical malfunctions in planes Dash 8 - 400, come to light earlier this month.
in statements of airlines SAS Sweden and SAS Denmark it is said that in connection with prohibition to rise in air to all planes Dash 8 - 400 the decision to cancel 48 and 180 flights accordingly is accepted. According to preliminary data, cancellation of flights can cost the Scandinavian airline of 15 million Swedish crones (2,25 million dollars) In day.
representatives SAS have informed that now the airline expects to hear from corresponding supervising bodies the information on, whether the Canadian manufacturer of planes Dash 8 - 400, company Bombardier, a problem which involved a crash landing and how it will be eliminated has revealed.
we will remind, on September, 9th of this year as a result of a crash landing of the plane of airline SAS in Denmark 11 persons have received small wounds. At landing passenger plane Dash 8 Q400, making flight from Copenhagen, had a breakage of the right chassis therefore the plane was filled up on the right party and there was an ignition of the right engine. Firemen managed to extinguish operatively a fire and to evacuate 69 passengers and four crewmen. 11 persons have been taken to hospital with cuts and easy traumas from sharp braking.
Besides, on September, 12th of this year In Lithuania one more plane Dash 8 Q400 airlines SAS has crash-landed. The plane with 48 passengers onboard carried out flight from Copenhagen in Lithuanian resort Palanga when pilots have found out malfunctions in the chassis of the plane and have been compelled to make landing at the airport of Vilnius. At a crash landing nobody has suffered. According to preliminary data, the plane had problems with the mechanism of the right chassis therefore at landing the plane has developed on 90 degrees.
after two incidents with planes Dash 8 Q400 Canadian Bombardier, making these planes, has been compelled to make the statement in which it was recommended to airlines to suspend operation of planes of this type which has made more than 10 thousand take-off - landing cycles before careful inspections of these cars will be spent and investigation of last failures in Denmark and Lithuania will be finished.
According to Bombardier, all now in the world it is maintained more than 160 planes Dash 8 Q400, among them - about 60 planes, on which to the account more than 10 thousand take-off - landing cycles.