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This night traffic under the Leningrad prospectus

In Moscow in connection with work on installation of designs of the foot bridge on the Leningrad prospectus around metro station " will be blocked off at forthcoming night; the Falcon traffic of motor transport towards the centre will be completely blocked off. As have informed in capital traffic police, movement will be blocked for a while till 25 minutes in an interval between 01:30 and 05:00 Moscow time.
On the night of September, 19th of this year for the similar reason traffic under the Leningrad prospectus towards area in a direction of the Leningrad highway will be blocked off. On the night of September, 20th of this year movement on the Leningrad prospectus will be blocked towards area in a direction of Volokolamsk highway.
we will remind that since July, 21st on reconstruction the tunnel located around metro station " has been closed; the Falcon . It has been connected with outcome building on crossing of the Leningrad and Volokolamsk highway. Predictably, the tunnel will open in the end 2009., when reconstruction of the Leningrad prospectus and highway will be finished.
It is planned that as a result of the spent works all stream of transport will leave under the earth. The tunnel should be transformed to two: one will be intended for bessvetofornogo journey from the Leningrad prospectus on Volokolamsk highway and in the opposite direction, the second, unique tunnel which will pass under an underground line, will connect underground streets Baltic and Alabjana. After reconstruction of the Leningrad tunnel, on assurances of designers, stoppers on a line will not be.
according to the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow, the head capital strojkompleksa Vladimir Resin, the thought over and competent building of traffic intersections and tunnels in capital is the effective measure, capable to improve a transport situation in a city. Thanks to road building in 10 years the problem of stoppers in capital can be solved.
All on dorozhno - bridge building in Moscow in 2007. It will be spent 67,6 mlrd rbl. Such sum it is specified in the decision about problems dorozhno - bridge building in a city. According to the document, all works will be financed at the expense of means of target budgetary territorial road fund.