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WIM - Avia more than three days the departure of flights

Airline " detains; WIM - Avia from September, 14 till September, 17th 2007. It is compelled to detain departure of some charter and regular flights in connection with the separate defects revealed during operation of aircrafts of airline.
as the director for communications " has informed; WIM - Avia Sergey Pinchuk, in particular, at the Domodedovo airport technical malfunctions at plane Boeing 757 - 200, board number 73009, belonging " have been revealed; WIM - Avia . Thus S.Pinchuk has noticed that the day before the aircraft passed maintenance service.
passengers of late flights are provided with an additional food and additional service (take place in hotels). debugging needs time. We plan that tomorrow - the day after tomorrow flights will go under the schedule - S.Pinchuk has noted.
on September, 2nd 2007. The airline plane WIM - Avia has not taken off from the airport of Alicante (Spain) from - for windshield cracks. Technical malfunction was eliminated by experts of the company of Lufthansa Technic. 213 passengers have been placed in hotels. Earlier at the airport of Barcelona there was a delay of other plane WIM - Avia .
on June, 4th of this year from the international airport of Domodedovo the departure of six flights of airline " was late; WIM - Avia : N8531 Burgas, N7871 Burgas, N8171 Antalia, N9603 Istanbul, N7853 Varna, N8173 Antalia. The compelled delays of some flights WIM - Avia on June, 3rd and 4 2007. Have been caused by unforeseen failure of two aircrafts (according to plan, they should make 5 departures a day). Technical malfunctions in work of engines of two planes of airline WIM - Avia Have been revealed by preparation for a departure from the Domodedovo airport, and for elimination of malfunctions it was required to involve the aircraft which was a reserve board of airline.
airline WIM - Avia it is based in 2002. WIM - Avia in 2006. Has reduced number of the transported passengers to 17,4 % in comparison with 2005. - to 1 million 312 thousand persons. WIM - Avia in I half-year 2007. Has transported 922,6 thousand persons that in 1,8 times more than for the similar period 2006. Open Company Airline WIM - Avia belong: Open Society the Airport Bratsk Open Society aerochita Open Society Russian sky Joint-Stock Company Carat .