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A.Tuleyev has ordered at the expense of the budget of 30 gold watch

On a site of Management of the state order of the Kemerovo region region administration has placed the order for manufacturing of 30 gold women watch. It is informed that hours will be gift - on them will engrave an inscription From governor Aman Tuleyev .
On a cover of hours the arms of the Kemerovo region, the memorable inscription, executed by a laser engraving are put. Hours are completed by the specialised individual varnished gift case from a tree of valuable breeds (an oak, a beech, an ash-tree, a cherry, a nut, mahogany), colours of a cherry, either a nut, or chocolate. The relief laser engraving is put on a cover - order details are informed.
on the case it will be fixed not less than 26 brilliants in diameter not less than 1 mm. The weight of a gold bracelet without the case of hours will make not less than 20,73 grammes.
Experts notice that the total cost of the placed order for manufacturing of 30 hours can make 2,5 million roubles. Thus the economic situation in the Kemerovo region remains to the heaviest. The region in which the raw component of economy is one of the cores, in crisis has lost the most part of incomes. The country government already allocated areas the financial help.
officials often enough order expensive things for needs of the departments, however sometimes the Office of Public Prosecutor refuses to them it. So, Recently Moscow inter-regional transport Office of Public Prosecutor has not given FGUP avialesoohrana to get Lexus car in a complete set for 6 million rbl.
In avialesoohrane assumed to create on the basis of Lexus mobile mobile lesopozharnyj command point, having equipped with its pilotless flying machines, system of global positioning and the other computer equipment.