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The HIV number - infected annually grows in Moscow on 8 - 10 %

the Gain of number of a HIV - infected in Moscow annually makes 8 - 10 %, has informed today on a press - conferences the head of department of public health services of capital Andrey Seltsovsky.
As he said, it approximately corresponds to the European indicators. Since 1987. In capital it is registered 50 thousand 148 cases of infection of a HIV.
A.Seltsovsky has noticed that pass treatment only 4 thousand 747 persons. a HIV significant amount - infected do not receive any therapy or address for it irregularly. The contingent is that that simply does not wish to be treated - it has explained.
as the head of department has informed, the number of the patients arriving on treatment in a stage AIDS increases. Their basic part is made by addicts, alcoholics and other representatives of socially unsuccessful social classes.
thus And. The Seltsovsky has noticed that for last 14 years from a HIV - the infected parents was born 5 thousand children 95 % from which were born the healthy.
we will remind, during the current year in Moscow growth of quantity of sorts at socially unsuccessful women is noted. To give birth to steels the women sick of a narcotism more often. The quantity of the pregnant women infected with a HIV Besides, has grown. So, in 2005. Them was 370, in 2008. - already 509. In 2008. At a HIV - the infected women 507 children were born, thus at 13 babies the HIV also has been revealed.
according to department, as a whole in Russia it is registered 500 thousand HIV - infected.