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Jurymen have announced a verdict to murderers of the Olympic champion

Jurymen have announced a verdict on the case of murder of the Olympic champion on Dmitry Neljubina`s cycling in St.-Petersburg. As have informed in a press - service of the Petersburg Office of Public Prosecutor, all without an exception jurymen recognised Alima Azhigoeva guilty of murder and not deserving indulgence.
one more defendant - Edward Azhigoev - majority of votes of jurymen is recognised by guilty of hooliganism and also not deserving indulgence.
date of judicial session on which on the basis of the decision of jurymen the definitive verdict on the given case will be taken out, is not defined yet, have noted in city Office of Public Prosecutor.
we will remind, D.Neljubin has been killed on January, 1st 2005. Malefactors have attacked the sportsman on crossing of streets of Lev Tolstoi and the X-ray, have beaten it and have put deadly knife wound. On the given fact criminal case under item 105 ch has been brought. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation (murder).
Protection asserted that the consequence did not manage to prove completely participation of Azhigoevyh in murder. D.Neljubina was attacked by the whole group of the people, ostensibly left to revenge skinheads, and to establish all its participants as a result it was not possible.
the Office of Public Prosecutor in turn insisted that left to start petards on New Year`s Eve D.Neljubin at all did not provoke attacking that is why it is a question of a premeditated murder without any justifications. As to the person of murderers they have been confirmed by testimony of eyewitnesses of tragedy.