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Head of the Chechen terrorists voluntary is in Office of Public Prosecutor of Poland

the Leader of the Chechen separatists Ahmed Zakaev has declared intention to be on September, 17th in Office of Public Prosecutor of Warsaw. A.Zakaeva`s assistants have told about it the Polish mass-media.
accused of Russia in A.Zakaev`s terrorism has arrived to Poland for participation in the World congress of the Chechen people which has opened in suburb of Warsaw on September, 16th. It is expected that A.Zakaev in the presence of the lawyer will take an interest at the Polish Office of Public Prosecutor why it is searched by the Russian authorities.
reaction of Russia concerning the congress passing in Poland sharply negative. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that the Polish party should consider necessity of its carrying out because congress promotes position destabilization in the North Caucasus. According to Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova, Warsaw has seriously apprehended the given reference of Moscow.
the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Poland has noticed that in case of occurrence And. Zakaeva in territory of the country he can be detained on the basis of the international warrant. However, according to TV channel TVN - 2, the Chechen separatist has crossed country border on September, 16th, but to any sanctions has not undergone.
we will remind, Ahmed Zakaev from the moment of coming to power in the Chechen Republic Dzhohara Dudaev has quickly got to numbers of the state elite, having received a post of the minister of culture. In 1995. It became the participant of operations and has quickly served to a rank the brigade general and the head of a brigade of special function .
Ahmed Zakaev has received a political asylum in Great Britain. The British authorities have not satisfied inquiries of the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor about its delivery, this circumstance considerably has affected on Russian - the British relations. Upon termination of A.Zakaev`s war has achieved political asylum reception in Great Britain, but the British side has not satisfied any inquiry of the Russian side.