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Optimism on work can do much harm only

Positive thinking recently became the present trend. However, according to the newspaper Work unlimited optimism on work can do much harm only.
now there is a large quantity of trainings and the grants, promising to teach to think positively. Optimism gradually turns to a cult. The method of positive thinking is used, in particular, for the decision of problems on work. Often it really works, but the unlimited optimism which has been not supported with real affairs, can do much harm only.
this problem for the employees holding supervising posts is especially important. According to the general director of the company (HR) Capital Ivetty Aleksandrovoj, very often chiefs make vigorous and confident statements exclusively for the sake of a witty remark to inspire to subordinates unreasonable optimism. Set of heads discredit itself, trying to instal belief and to encourage others, but without applying thus real efforts for success achievement - the expert marks.
as writes the edition, most otjavlennye pessimists and porazhentsy turn out from the former optimists who have been deceived in the best expectations. However it does not mean that it is necessary to be adjusted only on a negative harmony. Simply positive spirit should be supported with real actions - only then it is justified and it makes sense.
besides, at creation of an image of the optimist the main thing not to go too far - otherwise your behaviour will make not the most pleasant impression. According to associates, the cheeful optimist tries to protect itself from unpleasant vital realities by means of pink glasses. People with an eternal smile upon the face force to doubt not only their sincerity, but also in ability to argue sensibly and vzveshenno.