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Oleg Mitvol has found out behind itself the latent shadowing

the Prefect of Northern administrative district of Moscow Oleg Mitvol suspects that behind it the latent shadowing is conducted. In this connection he asks capital Office of Public Prosecutor and militia to organise check and to take measures.
as have informed in a press - service SAO, some time ago the prefect has felt behind itself the latent supervision, and later in a network the Internet there were data and a video shooting of movement of its office car. thus in the videoclips which have been laid out in an easy approach in a network the Internet, contain, including, and data on my private life - it is told in the letter signed by O.Mitvolja, directed to the address of the public prosecutor of Moscow Yury Semin and the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs on SAO Ravilja Sofina.
Occurrence of the given materials testifies to realisation concerning me the latent supervision by the persons who do not have on it corresponding powers, and breaks the right of the citizen to inviolability of private life. Besides, the specified illegal actions cause concern for my safety in members of my family, - is underlined in the letter, - In this connection I ask you to take measures of public prosecutor`s reaction, if necessary to organise check as item 144 - 145 UPK the Russian Federation to signs of structure of the crime provided by item 137 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - it is marked in O.Mitvolja`s statement.
we Will remind that this week in the Network there was a videoclip on which it is fixed as the car with office numbers of the prefect moves with infringement of traffic regulations. Then O.Mitvol has declared that rules of traffic regulations did not break.
Also the prefect of Northern administrative district of capital intends to achieve excitation of criminal case upon an attack Ours on Ashan .
As have informed in a press - prefecture service, the day before a shop management Ashan being in SAO, has informed in Office of Public Prosecutor and militia on an attack on shop of unknown persons. Nearby 40 persons nearby 19:40 Moscow time on September, 16th have rushed into shop, have crushed counters, scattered products, the chief executive of shop was traumatised.
O.Mitvol intends to address on this fact in city Office of Public Prosecutor. Meanwhile, on an official site of youth movement Ours it is informed that during shop check Ashan in TTS the Capitol active workers of Movement Ours Have found the delayed yoghurts, sausage, vegetables and fruit (13 jars of yoghurt of three names, 5 jars of whey, 9 meat cuttings, 1 jar of kefir, rotten melons, lajmy, apples, nectarines, sweet pepper, plums, cucumbers).