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Bodies of the Russian engineers deliver from Indonesia home on September, 20th

Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid expects arrival of bodies of the Russian engineers who have died on the Indonesian base of Makassara on September, 20th, inform local mass-media.
the assistant to the chief engineer on export KnAaPo Vladimir Vladimirov has told that the administration has visited families of victims next day after tragedy. In the company have made decision to render maximum moral and material aid to relatives of the died engineers. The governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport also has assured that it will render the help.
Sergey Voronin, Alexander Poltorak and Victor Safonov, for the unknown reason died of cardiac arrest on September, 13th, were employees Komsomol - on - the Cupid of the aviation production association which is a part of holding Dry . Business trip to Indonesia was not the first working trip of experts: Having the seniority at the enterprise more than 25 years, engineers appeared time and again abroad.
we will remind that the Indonesian police has sent the official conclusion of opening of bodies of victims in the Russian embassy. According to forensic scientists, the poisoning with methyl spirit became a cause of death of the Russian technicians. Now incident investigation proceeds.