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Weather forecasters have told, what will be forthcoming winter in Russia

Forthcoming winter in territory of the Russian Federation will be warmer, than previous, but all the same the cold. The head of Federal Agency of hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment of the Russian Federation has told about forecasts of weather forecasters (Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service) Alexander Frolov to journalists.
according to the head of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service, winter 2010 - 2011γγ. Will be normal from the point of view of climatic indicators, but thus it is recommended to consider that the normal winter for Russia is a cold winter. “ we have got used to orphaned winters, except for winter of last year “ - A.Frolov has underlined, having noticed thus that in territory of Russia of 12 warm winters were observed within last 30 years. A.Frolov has added that the forthcoming winter will demand considerable efforts from public utilities and energetikov.
In a number of regions, basically in average and high widths, that is in northern regions, considerable anomalies, first of all towards low temperatures will be marked. With a high probability in the European north, for example, there will be a long period with temperature below 25 degrees. As a whole across Russia January will be the coldest, the cold periods will have on second half of winter. In the Moscow region in January there will be at least 4 days in which the temperature a minus 20 - 25 degrees is predicted, and at least two days with temperature below this value.
according to norms of monthly average temperature, on months weather in the Moscow region looks as follows: in October - plus of 5,1 degrees, in November - a minus of 1,2 degrees, in December - a minus of 6,1 degrees, in January - a minus of 9,3 degrees, in February - a minus of 7,7 degrees, in March - a minus of 2,2 degrees.
Also Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service warns that during the winter period on a part of territory of the Russian Federation probably formation of a blocking anticyclone which will lead to steady cold and dry weather. The similar anticyclone, as it is known, has led to abnormal heat in the summer. Probability of duration of such anticyclone in the winter - approximately two weeks. “ two weeks of a cold in many areas of Russia are provided “ - A.Frolov has underlined. Occurrence of such anticyclone in January - February is the thus most probable.