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During week-end the autumn cold snap will come to the European Russia

During week-end on the European territory of Russia the autumn cold snap will come.
in Severo - the Western district and the Central Russia will pass rains, the temperature will go down. On the average the Volga region and Southern district will remain solar and on - summer warm weather. Considerably will become warmer in Ural Mountains. Siberia remains in the Arctic cold. And in the south of the Far East soft September heat will be late, informs Gismeteo.
In Moscow on Saturday will pass rains, from time to time strong, thus will remain warmly - nearby +15. On Sunday weather will improve, the temperature remains former.
in St.-Petersburg places a small intermittent rain. On Saturday columns of thermometers will show +14 +16, on Sunday +12 +14.
In Nizhni Novgorod rains Sunday afternoon will go at teperature +18 +20. Sunday, under forecasts of weather forecasters, promises to be rainy, the temperature will go down to +14 +16.
In Voronezh on Saturday there will be a dry weather at +23 +25, in Sunday will pass an intermittent rain at +19 +21.
In Samara without any precipitations, +22 +24.
In Sochi it is solar, +27 +29.
In Ekaterinburg without any precipitations and warmly, +20 +22.
In Novosibirsk will be slightly more cool, +10 +12, mainly without any precipitations.
in Irkutsk on Saturday without any precipitations, +18 +20. On Sunday promise rains against a cold snap to +8 +10.
In Vladivostok a small rain, nearby +20.